I am in a workout slump.

Not just the “I don’t feel like working out today,” but the kind where I try to run the same speed and distance I did three months ago and I can’t do it.  How did this happen?

Let’s see . . .stress, or maybe Stress, or did I happen to mention STRESS?  This, however, is counter productive since exercise is the perfect solution for dealing with stress.

We all develop habits good or bad and three months ago I had healthy habits.  I was exercising every day and eating healthy food.  What happened?

I blame New Year’s Resolutions.  Not mine.  I rarely make them.  I am referring to the thousands of people who decided in January to make it their goal to get fit and lose weight.  They bought memberships to the gym.

During the first week in January I started seeing people I had never seen before.  The classes were huge and we had to start lining up early to even get a spot in Yoga class.  The treadmills and bikes were packed.  Even the rowing machine, which is by far my favorite piece of equipment, often empty, started to have a line.  I thought I was back in New York City.  Didn’t I move to a smaller city to enjoy the benefits of living in a smaller city?( i.e. smaller crowds).

This would not do.

I caved in, broke my daily habit and I stopped going to the gym.

If I had been really dedicated I would have started running in my neighborhood but it’s easy to find excuses, especially in the winter when the temperature falls below freezing.  I’m also living in Utah now, a place where one would think has crisp, clear mountain air, but recently the air quality here makes Burbank, California smog look appealing.  Utah has not really adapted “No Breath Days,” but I’m certain we have been in that category a lot this winter.

By doing simple math it is obvious that when someone stops exercising and keeps eating the same amount of food, weight will be gained.  Add an extra twenty pounds body weight to my workout and of course that is why I am not as fast and strong as I used to be.

Now that I have figured out the problem, what is the solution?  Obviously, it is to get back into the habit of daily exercise.  When I am exercising I also eat healthier foods.

Studies have shown that most people give up on their New Year’s Resolutions within the first month.  I’m thinking the gym won’t be so crowded now.

Also, I have bought some exercise dvd’s.  (I’ll let you know if I discover any favorites).  Once I get back into the habit of living a healthy lifestyle, I know the extra pounds will disappear.

Some of you may read this and think “Good luck with that!  I’ve been trying to lose the last 20 pounds for several years.”  I know.  I admit that in the past I have tried just about every diet.  The best “diet” was living in NYC where the lifestyle naturally encouraged exercise and healthy eating.  Even a gym workout cannot duplicate carrying heavy bags of groceries up 7 flights of stairs.

Diets are the downfall.  A healthy lifestyle, however, is what you choose to do for the rest of your life.  The decisions you make every day affect that lifestyle.  (Just so you know, I am normal:  chocolate is definitely part of my lifestyle – end of discussion.)

It is also important to exercise every day.  It is called “work” out for a reason, but just like going to work every day there are aspects that make exercise fun and extremely worthwhile.

It is time for me to get back into the zone and re-establish healthy habits.

Join me on this challenge

Let me know what happens.  Watch this space.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Following is a video about Soul Cycle a popular workout that started in NYC.  Personally right now if I tried this workout I would throw up.  Getting stronger is certainly a worthy lifestyle goal.  Let’s do it together.