Hannah’s Project – More Love Letters

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation recently posted the winner of the 2013 video challenge.

The video describes how Hannah Brencher started More Love Letters.  The project has grown over time.  Hannah now has 12 writers on her team and they have mailed more than 11,000 letters to individuals around the world. Hannah’s story is inspirational.  I have great admiration for individuals who see a need and then work tirelessly to help others.

Following is the video describing Hannah’s project.

This next video is a presentation Hannah gave in New York at TED Talks.

The Letter Writer – Movie

Hannah’s letters remind me of the movie The Letter Writer by Christian Vuissa.  I saw the movie for the first time a few weeks ago.

The basic theme of the story revolves around Maggie, a teenager who receives a letter in the mail from someone she doesn’t know.  The letter gives her encouragement and describes kind things about her.  She searches for the person who wrote the letter and she eventually finds Sam.

She learns that every day Sam writes letters to give to strangers.  She begins to help him with his letter writing project.  Through this friendship she begins to discover more about the people surrounding her but most of all, she finds herself.

Personal Observation and Challenge

There are a lot of lonely people surrounding us.  Be conscious of making eye contact this week with everyone around you.  (Maybe even write a few letters to give away like Hannah.)

The Letter Writer movie and Hannah’s project have certainly started me thinking about things I could do to reach out to others.

If you are reading this blog, I hope you know how important you are to those around you.  Big Hug:)