pinsomnia You can learn a lot about someone on Pinterest.

I’ve often thought it would be a great springboard for dating or even family relationships in general.  Husbands and wives could discover things they didn’t even know about each other just from their boards.

I think pins on Pinterest are similar to personality tests.  You know, the kind where you answer random questions to discover a summary at the end which is usually quite accurate.

Just think how useful this could be in a job interview.  Potential coworkers could get a quick sense of your hobbies, style and interests and determine if you would fit in with the personalities of the already established team.

Here’s what someone could learn about me from Pinterest.

I love creative projects.  I like my space to be organized.  I like parties with beautiful decorations and interesting themes.  I enjoy photography and flowers.

If you saw my pins you would get a good sense of the types of clothes I like to wear.  (You would also see a pin of the new line of men’s fashion with Matt Bomer, but you would really need to know me better to understand that.)

You would see that I love to travel and I like to collect recipes, especially those with chocolate.   At home you would see that I like spaces to display photography and art.  I also like places that are perfect for reading.  I love the power of words and you could probably tell a story about me from all of the quotes I have pinned.

Fortunately, the same truths are reflected in my life away from the computer.

pinterjectThere is something magical about Pinterest.

Time vanishes and suddenly an exciting life appears in the form of pins.

There are some pinners who have hundreds of boards and thousands of pins and followers.   I’ve often wondered if they spend their entire day pinning.  I hope not.

I freely admit I have pinned a lot of recipes and even though they look absolutely delicious, I will never in my lifetime be able to make all of the recipes I pin.

That’s okay.

It is good to be inspired and then go out and be creative.

Don’t just pin it.  Go and do it.

 What is Pinterest inspiring you to do today?


NOTE:  All graphics on this post can be found on Pinterest.