A couple of years ago Graham Hill gave a talk “Less Stuff, More Happiness”.  This talk is on my Top 20 List of All Time Favorite TED Talks.

Graham asks us to consider the benefits of an edited life:  Will it give me a little more freedom?  A little more time?

He claims that less stuff equals more happiness.


This past weekend Graham had an op-ed published in the NY Times.  He writes:

“My success and the things it bought quickly changed from novel to normal.  Soon I was numb to it all.  The new Nokia phone didn’t excite me or satisfy me.  It didn’t take long before I started to wonder why my theoretically upgraded life didn’t feel any better and why I felt more anxious than before.”

The following video is from Graham’s website Life Edited.  It showcases an apartment in NYC (420 square feet).

I’ve lived in tiny spaces in New York City, but this apartment has been designed to efficiently use all of the space.  It is extremely functional and has room to comfortably seat 10 for dinner!  I absolutely love this concept.

Graham continues to promote messages like

“Think before you buy” and “Is this really going to make me happier?”

It seems appropriate with Spring just around the corner, to once again evaluate why we collect so much stuff.  Does it make us happier?

I have recently been doing my own Spring cleaning and I have to admit that I have collected too much stuff and it is definitely time to make a change.

Below is Graham’s original TED talk from 2011.  I think it is a message we should all consider.

As for me, I am going to be donating a lot of stuff to people who probably need it more than I do.  As I result, I know I will be much happier!