“Taking jobs to build up your resume is the same as saving up sex for old age.”

Warren Buffet

I love this TED talk given by Scott Dinsmore.  He explains that in order to be able to do the things that inspire us and inspire others, we need to know what we are looking for.

There are three areas that help us know how to define success:

1.  Find your unique strengths

What are the things you wake up loving to do?  What are the things you do (paid or unpaid) that people end up thanking you for?

2.  What Are Your Values?

This is the hierarchy for making decisions.  What is your soul made of?

3.  Experiences

Pay attention to experiences and the learning that comes from them.  Reflect on what went right and what went wrong.  Who inspires you?  What is it about them that inspires you.

Focusing on these three areas helps define our own success.  It moves us away from a scripted life and what others think and it allows us to identify what makes us come alive.

Scott emphasizes that if you don’t know what you are looking for, you will never find it.

there are two reasons why people don’t do things

1.  they tell themselves they can’t.

2  others tell them they can’t.

In either case we begin to believe we can’t do it.  We either give up or we never start in the first place.

Scott suggests to start with something like physical fitness.  Show that you can do it.  These skills then transfer to the rest of your world.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Jim Rohn

It is extremely important to surround yourself with people who inspire possibility.  By changing your surroundings you can change your world.  You can do something to move away from a scripted life and do things that matter to you.  As a result, you will make an impact that only you can make.

1.  Know what you are looking for.

2.  Do things that inspire you.

3.  Inspire others.

This video is well worth the 17 minutes.