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“We can’t change everything that happens in life but we can change the way we experience it.”

Andy Puddicombe


I absolutely love this TED talk by Andy Puddicombe where he explains the importance of meditation – or doing absolutely nothing for at least 10 minutes everyday.

Andy uses a juggling analogy to show the right balance.  He suggests we should allow our thoughts to come and go without getting distracted by anxious thoughts.

Andy claims we spend half of life lost in thought and unhappy.  He says we spend more time looking after our cars, clothes and hair than our minds.

It’s time to focus

My favorite time each day is when I practice t’ai chi and yoga.  This time helps me refocus, clear my mind and relieve stress.

I love a meditation analogy used by Guillermo Gomez.  He says to imagine a glass of water where you are pouring in a fist full of sand.  In the beginning the water is disturbed by the sand, but if you leave it alone long enough that sand will find its way to the bottom of the glass.

As we relax, the sand settles and the water becomes still and clear.

It is important to practice being still and allowing the mind to become like that glass of water.

Do Nothing for 10 Minutes.  It’s definitely worth it.