In No More Mondays, Dan Miller retells an old folktale about a village that was planning a grand New Year’s Eve celebration.

“Every member of the village was asked to contribute a bottle of wine – and to make things easy, they would just pour the wine into one big barrel in the middle of town.  At midnight, everyone would share a drink to usher in the new year.

On the special day, people came from all parts of town and emptied their personal bottles into the common barrel.  At midnight, the town fathers opened the spigots and invited the people to celebrate the new year together.  But, unfortunately, when they raised their glasses, each person found not wine but water.  Apparently, everyone in town had the same idea:  If all my neighbors bring great wine no one will notice if I just slip in a bottle of water.  The little bit of deception on my part won’t be enough to spoil everyone’s fun.”

I think this is an interesting story.  It reminds me of the question:

What type of person are you when you think no one is watching?