Instead of taking the subway in New York City I sometimes like to ride the bus.  This usually takes a lot longer but I find it extremely interesting to look out the window as the bus travels through different neighborhoods.  Sometimes when the bus is stopped in traffic, there is an opportunity to make eye contact with individuals on the street.  It is that one second pause that I find refreshing.

In the fast pace world of New York City, these mini scenes blend together to create a story that becomes much more personal.  These bus rides also remind me that life moves fast and it is important to slow down and enjoy the experiences along the way.

You should not be so concerned about reaching the destination that you miss the journey.

This is exactly what artist James Nares did in 2011 when he recorded over sixteen hours of footage of people on the streets of Manhattan.  He then slowed down the video and edited it to one hour of continuous motion.  It is currently on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art through May 27.

Following is a brief preview of the video.


An additional preview is available on the Metropolitan Museum of Art site

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