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Summer is such an exciting time of year to get married!

In May the mailbox usually starts to fill with numerous wedding invitations.

Lately I’ve been paying more attention to the photos in these invitations.  Have you ever wondered if there is a direct correlation between the engagement photo and the longevity of the marriage?  I wonder if anyone has ever done any research on this.

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The next time you look at a wedding photo, notice the body language of the couple. Sometimes it is extremely evident that they are comfortable with one another and they are truly in love.

Other photos, however, show couples who are very stiff, distant and often subconsciously pulling away from each other in the photos.  (Town and Country magazine has a lot of good wedding photo examples.)

Then, there are couples who naturally seem extremely happy together.

Enjoy this beautiful video from the wedding of Melisa and Chris at Lake Como, Italy.

Have a wonderful wedding season.