US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River, Ne...

In this TED talk, Ric Elias describes what it was like being on the plane that was forced to land in the Hudson River.

He describes three lessons he learned from that experience:

1.  It all changes in an instant 

As the plane was going down he thought about what he still wanted to do.  He came up with a saying “I collect bad wines”.  He has decided to not postpone anything in life.

2.  Eliminate negative energy in life

He thought about the time he has wasted on things that do not matter with people who do matter.  “I no longer need to be right.  I choose to be happy.”

3.  Dying is not scary, but it is sad

He wished for one thing as the plane was going down:  He wished he could see his kids grow up.

Ric asks his audience to imagine being on a plane that is going to crash . . . How would you change if you were given a second chance to live?

What would you get done that you’re waiting to get done because you think you will be here forever?

How would you change your relationships and negative energy?

Are you being the best parent that you can?

We are lucky to be able to learn from Ric and consider what is important in our own lives, before it is too late.