In this TED talk Priya Parker claims that most people stay in their current jobs from fear.  Fear, however prevents progress.  In order to progress and move forward, Priya suggests to “Quit Life.”

In order to get a better perspective of our lives, we must step back in order to see clearly.  Priya offers 7 tests to help clarify individual goals.

test 1

Obituary Test
Write a 600 word obituary for yourself.  Think about how you would like to be remembered and then work backwards to create that kind of life.

test 2

Passion Comic Strip
Draw a comic strip of the things that you are passionate about.  Ask friends for ideas.

test 3

Get comfortable with discomfort
Do some of the following to test your comfort level:

1.  while waiting in line start singing
2.  take yourself out to dinner and sit alone
3.  walk into an elevator and keep facing the back wall

test 4

Give Yourself a Life Sentence
Write a mission statement indicating your values or qualities and why you do what you do.

test 5

Dwindling Cash Experiment
Figure how much money you spend each month.  For the next 4 weeks live on a percentage of that total.

1st week – 40% of total
2nd week – 30% of total
3rd week – 20% of total
4th week – 10% of total

How much money do you really need?

test 6

Help someone else
Spend an hour with 5 different friends and offer them help solving problems in their business.

test 7

Set a withdrawal date
Send invitations to a party letting everyone know you are quitting life and re-booting.