Sometimes there are days when things are just not working.  I love Liza Mundy’s Failure Hall of Fame featured this month in More.  We’ve heard of these failures before, but sometimes it helps to be reminded that one bad event is not the end.  In fact, it is these difficult times that give us the desire, strength and knowledge to finally succeed.

1919 WALT DISNEY is fired from his newspaper job for “lacking imagination”.

1926  LUCILLE BALL is told by her acting coach that “she’s wasting her time and ours.”

1936  JOHN F. KENNEDY runs for president of the freshman class at Harvard – and loses.

1960’s  STEVEN SPIELBERG is rejected by the film school at the University of Southern California.

1962  THE BEATLES are turned down by Decca Records.

1968  VERA WANG doesn’t make the U.S. Olympic Figure Skating team.

1973  HILLARY CLINTON fails the D.C. bar exam.

1975  ANNA WINTOUR is fired from Harper’s Bazaar because her shoots are too edgy.

1977  OPRAH WINFREY is fired from her news-hosting job for getting too emotionally invested in her stories.

1980  BILL CLINTON loses re-election as governor of Arkansas

1981  MICHAEL BLOOMBERG is fired by investment bank Salomon Brothers.

1985  STEVE JOBS is fired from the Macintosh division of Apple.

1996  J.K. ROWLING is turned down 12 times for her Harry Potter manuscript.

1990’s  SARA BLAKELY (future founder of Spanx) bombs her LSAT’s – twice.