I really like Julian Treasure’s TED talk “How to Speak So That People Want to Listen.”  He begins with seven deadly sins of speaking:

1. gossip
2.  judging
3.  negativity
4.  complaining
5.  excuses
6.  lying
7.  dogmatism

He explains that we should avoid these deadly sins and focus on four cornerstone foundations if we want speech to be powerful and to make a change in the world.  He describes them as HAIL

H- honesty
A- authenticity
I-  integrity
L- love

He ends the talk describing how we have an amazing tool box with the capability of using our voices in powerful ways, yet very few people have actually opened their tool boxes.

“What would the world be like it we were speaking powerfully to people who are listening consciously in environments which were actually fit
for purpose?”

This is a great 10-minute talk.