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I am {Happy} — March 1, 2014

I am {Happy}

Have you ever heard the theory that if you feel down then you should wear a favorite outfit so others will make positive comments about you and you will immediately feel better?  I’m not sure how effective that is, but I do know that positive thinking has helped me get through some difficult times.

Remember the study where workers told a coworker that he looked sick?  … not {sick} in a good way.  After hearing so many negative comments, by the middle of the day he had to go home because he really was physically ill.

Words are powerful . . .

so is music.

I love to listen to all different types of music.  I woke up this morning dancing to this song.

I am happy!

Here is another one of my theme songs this week

And of course, I have always loved this song

Have a wonderful week!