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Watching Artists Work – the Big Egg Hunt — April 14, 2014

Watching Artists Work – the Big Egg Hunt

Following are a few of the artists showing how they created their eggs for the New York Big Egg Hunt 2014.

“Making a Diamond In The Rough has been a truly rewarding experience! The project took a little over three months and $45,000 to make. Although, Diamond In The Rough is egg #023 we were lucky enough to be the first to collect our precious egg for this wonderful event. The sculpture is composed almost entirely Swarovski Xirius Crystals.”


Designer, Maggie Norris created a Fabergé Rosebud Corset, inspired by the ‘Imperial Rosebud’ Egg by Peter Carl Fabergé.







The Most Expensive Egg — April 13, 2014

The Most Expensive Egg

Jeff Koons 360000The Big Egg Hunt continues this week in New York City and the winner so far for the egg with the highest bid is Jeff Koons, Egg #271

He explains his work:  “When asked to create an artwork based on the egg for Elephant Family and Studio in a School, I immediately thought to incorporate a gazing ball into the work. The egg has been opened up in the center, making reference to modernist sculptures, which generally used the egg shape to refer to a family unit. As its base, we have the yin and yang, the masculine and feminine qualities of the animated seal and walrus, along with the sense of the family unit. The work displays enjoyment of both profound internalizing along with the experience of external vastness.”

Current price listed online: $360,000.00

Zone: Midtown

To see all of the eggs online, or bid on an egg visit Faberge’s Big Egg Hunt






The Last Week to Hunt for Eggs —
The World’s Biggest Egg Hunt Travels to New York — March 29, 2014

The World’s Biggest Egg Hunt Travels to New York


Big Egg Hunt NY


The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt

April 1-26

All Eggs Nest Together in One Location

April 18 – 26


It is New York’s turn to play host to the Big Egg Hunt.  Beginning April 1, over 200 egg sculptures, created by leading artists, will be “hidden” in public places across all five boroughs.

Some of the artists transforming these 2 1/2 foot eggs include Diane von Furstenberg, Ronnie Wood, Marc Quinn, Bruce Weber, Zaha Hadid, Peter Beard, Carolina Herrera, Jacques Torres and William Wegman.

At the end of the event, the sculptures will be auctioned to raise funds for Studio in a School and Elephant Family.

Participants who enter the hunt will have the opportunity to win one of three Fabergé prizes.  The unique prizes are specially designed Fabergé jewelry egg pendants.

When the Big Egg Hunt took place in London in spring 2012 there were over 1 million participants and 100,000 visitors per day to the final egg display.


The Big Egg Hunt – London


Artists Creating Their Eggs





Chinese Made Easy? — March 26, 2014

Chinese Made Easy?



How difficult is it for the average English speaker to learn Chinese?

Ashley Wagner, Program Editor for Dictionaries at Oxford University Press claims that it’s not that difficult if you’re willing to commit to learning a new language.

“There are apparently over 80,000 Chinese characters, which can seem pretty intimidating!  Luckily, you only need to know 3,500 in Standard Chinese.  This might still seem like a lot, but you can actually get by with only 1,000 of the most frequent characters and still read almost 90% of publications.”

In her new book, Chineasy (published March 11, 2014), ShaoLan Hsueh shows how to learn Chinese characters by transforming them into pictograms.  She then explains how they can be combined to create new words and phrases.

Following is the TED talk where she first explained the process.





Spoken Word Poetry {Sarah Kay} — March 21, 2014
Poetry Slam {Pretty} — March 14, 2014
National Poetry Slam {Touchscreen} — March 8, 2014
I am {Happy} — March 1, 2014

I am {Happy}

Have you ever heard the theory that if you feel down then you should wear a favorite outfit so others will make positive comments about you and you will immediately feel better?  I’m not sure how effective that is, but I do know that positive thinking has helped me get through some difficult times.

Remember the study where workers told a coworker that he looked sick?  … not {sick} in a good way.  After hearing so many negative comments, by the middle of the day he had to go home because he really was physically ill.

Words are powerful . . .

so is music.

I love to listen to all different types of music.  I woke up this morning dancing to this song.

I am happy!

Here is another one of my theme songs this week

And of course, I have always loved this song

Have a wonderful week!



The Cover Girl Dance {Vogue Original Shorts} — February 26, 2014

The Cover Girl Dance {Vogue Original Shorts}

When fashion magazines first moved to the web they basically just duplicated their print versions online.  Bravo to Vogue for finally showcasing different ways to represent the magazine.

Vogue Archive

The archive includes every issue and every page of Vogue since 1892. This is a wonderful idea, but a bit pricey for the casual user.


For free you can browse Voguepedia.  It is filled with information like backgrounds on designers, editors, models and photographers.

Vogue Original Shorts

My favorite section of Vogue online is their videos, particularly the original shorts.  I love the way they poke fun at fashion. (Lena Dunham and Hamish Bowles “Cover Girl” is great).