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The Art of Stillness — November 29, 2014

The Art of Stillness

“Making a living and making a life sometimes point in opposite directions.”


“I think many of us have the sensation that we’re standing about two inches away from a huge screen, and it’s noisy and it’s crowded and it’s changing with every second, and that screen is our lives. And it’s only by stepping back, and then further back, and holding still, that we can begin to see what the canvas means and to catch the larger picture. And a few people do that for us by going nowhere.”

“So, in an age of acceleration, nothing can be more exhilarating than going slow. And in an age of distraction, nothing is so luxurious as paying attention. And in an age of constant movement, nothing is so urgent as sitting still. So you can go on your next vacation to Paris or Hawaii, or New Orleans; I bet you’ll have a wonderful time. But, if you want to come back home alive and full of fresh hope, in love with the world, I think you might want to try considering going nowhere.”

Pico Iyer




Chinese Made Easy? — March 26, 2014

Chinese Made Easy?



How difficult is it for the average English speaker to learn Chinese?

Ashley Wagner, Program Editor for Dictionaries at Oxford University Press claims that it’s not that difficult if you’re willing to commit to learning a new language.

“There are apparently over 80,000 Chinese characters, which can seem pretty intimidating!  Luckily, you only need to know 3,500 in Standard Chinese.  This might still seem like a lot, but you can actually get by with only 1,000 of the most frequent characters and still read almost 90% of publications.”

In her new book, Chineasy (published March 11, 2014), ShaoLan Hsueh shows how to learn Chinese characters by transforming them into pictograms.  She then explains how they can be combined to create new words and phrases.

Following is the TED talk where she first explained the process.





The {Simplicity} of Technology — February 8, 2014

The {Simplicity} of Technology

Many of you know I have been a HUGE fan of TED from the very beginning.

Following is one of the first six talks that launched in 2006.  David Pogue gave a highly entertaining talk (even launching into song) about technology and the frustrations we experience.

A younger audience growing up with Twitter, Facebook and the i-Phone may not fully appreciate the humor behind this talk.  For the rest of us, watching this is an entertaining walk back in time.

The message is still relevant and one that companies should remember:  simplicity sells.

Watch this.  It is great!

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