About MeI function in a world of contrasts.

I was born on a snowy day in the middle of winter, but I prefer 75 degrees and sunny year-round.

My dad’s first job was working on a small family farm. I started my professional career working in New York City.

In high school I lived in California in a house overlooking a golf course. After college I lived in New York City in an apartment with windows overlooking a brick wall.

As a child Sunday family dinners were always roast beef, ham or chicken with a baked potato. As an adult, dinners are divided between take-out and experimenting with new recipes found online or from my extensive cookbook collection.

As a child I loved to bake. I still love to bake.

I am constantly in search of the ultimate chocolate dessert.

I enjoy the challenge of capturing the perfect photo. I have about five really good photos with thousands of others to prove it is an ongoing personal challenge.

I love to travel and although I have much left to explore, I’ve developed a strong attachment to Australia.

On a relaxing day you could find me curled up in my favorite chair reading a captivating book from start to finish.

I can often be found blogging on Bake Chocolate Cake and One Loaf of Bread.

Other projects include:

Photography 221B
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